Are you a caregiver, the decision maker, feeling overwhelmed, isolated and emotionally drained? Do you need someone with healthcare experience to answer your questions, plan and assist your loved one's care now and in the future?  By asking a few specific questions, we will define your most immediate needs and assist in finding resources within your community that can help.  We will provide you with a dedicated Care Manager for guidance to navigate and understand how long-term and healthcare services for your loved one are accessed.  

Professional Care Management will provide the ongoing tools you need to be empowered, yet designed to ensure the optimum care for your loved one with the reduction of worry, uncertainty, and stress for everyone involved. Our team of professionals will provide you with assistance to schedule, arrange and monitoring of the services needed to maintain your health and well-being. Our Care Management services are billed at a professional rate or monthly retainer packages.


Professional Care Management & Consulting

In-Office Comprehensive Consultation

For individuals and family members who just need guidance and prefer to 

handle care themselves.  Our Nurse Care Managers and Consultants provide counseling, education, and support regarding care challenges and concerns in an office setting or virtual. Families can ask questions while we provide direction, answers, recommendations and resources within our meeting. This can be utilized for a one time service and thereafter, set up caregiver coaching if on-going guidance is needed, providing family education and emotional support. 

In-Home Comprehensive Care Assessment| Plan of Care:

The comprehensive assessment and plan is conducted by our professional nurse care managers in the convenience of the older adult's home or family member's home. This home visit includes an assessment and of the older adult's area of strength and areas of need. Our comprehensive assessment includes obtaining psychosocial, legal and financial, medical, physical and mental functioning, and environmental information. Using this holistic approach, our Care Mangers and Management teams are able to provide a completed evaluation with recommendations to improve one's safety and quality of life.  

Plan of Care Coordination

The individualized care plan is then based on the in-home assessment conducted by the Care Manager and will address the needs, values, and preferences of the individual.  Professional referrals are made at this time to needed supportive community resources, and the coordination of these services are managed by our nurse care managers. The referrals may include but are not limited to physicians and other medical professionals, elder care lawyers, realtors, financial planners, and trust officers.

Senior Living Transitions

If for some reason, it is no longer safe and appropriate for the older adult to remain in the home or in Assisted Living communities due to requirements, our Aging Life Care Managers can navigate the maze of long-term care placement steps and state required paperwork. Our compassionate team will assist you to screen and tour options providing the best possible emotional and personal fit to transition from home to facility. Long Term Placement and housing options may include: Assisted Living, Skilled Care Nursing Facilities, and Rehabilitation Centers.

Healthcare Coordination| Advocacy

Our Care Managers can serve as an advocate for an older adult in a long term care facility on behalf of a long distance family member.  Our professional team members are aware of the state regulations and structure of these facilities. Therefore, they know what to look for when visiting a facility, what questions to ask, and who to direct questions to in order to obtain the information needed to make the best decision. Doctor Visit? Our care managers can accompany provider appointments and assist you in preparing your questions, giving your health history, understanding your treatment plans, and follow up after your visits. We communicate status reports to family and any other providers collaborating on your care. Our Care Managers will be prepared for your appointment to provide the physicians with information about concerns, and changes which could affect care, treatment or results. 


On-Going Support and Monitoring

Caregiver Coaching

Are you caring for an elderly parent or loved one? Trying to balance caregiving with career, raising kids, and having a life?  Caregiver Coaching is to identify issues, stabilize the present situation of aging aging parents and providing them a practical long term solution. Do you want: answers and solutions to care questions, a caregiving plan, access to resources, services, and one-to-one coaching to support you and the one you are caring for? Elite Concierge Care believes that education and open communication are the keys to facilitating family care. Our team wants to give you and your family the tools, emotional and spiritual support you need to navigate your unique care situation. There is a better way, and you don't have to go through your journey alone. 

In-Home Care Monitoring and Support

We provide innovative solutions to help people live independently as long as possible. Elite Concierge Care Managers can make home visits to determine when additional components need to be put into place so continuing to live at home will remain a safe option. Our care managers are able to provide a link to community resources that might enhance socialization, supply transportation options or give support to enhance independent living. If our families approve, we may act as a liaison for those who live at a distance and provide updates on care needs or problems.  These services are available in Assisted Living Communities and Nursing Home Facilities.

Local and Long Distance Liaison

Our team assist families who reside out of town or are unable to monitor care provided by nursing homes, hospitals, or other healthcare providers. Our nurse care manages provide monthly visits to include: monitoring of medication changes, identifying care concerns , and soliciting client needs.  

Insurance and Benefits Analysis

Understand how your individual healthcare insurance plans and benefits work for you. Let us assist you with the medical terminology and paperwork covered services among the various payor sources.  Home-care, home health, medical, non-medical, skilled care, etc. Who will pay for which services or any durable medical equipment that is needed? Do you or your loved one need assistance with understanding Medicare and Medicaid or submitting an application for benefits, we can help!

Professional Alzheimer's & Dementia Support

Learning to live with dementia, while respecting a loved one's dignity as they become more dependent is not easy. Our Care Managers understand the unique struggles that memory disorders pose for both patients and their families, as well as the potential dangers to keep an eye open.

Elite Concierge Care provides community education on behalf of Alzheimer's Association - Louisiana Chapter

National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS)

Elite Concierge Care, provides exclusive professional care management services on behalf of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS) servicing divisions of the South Central Chapter of ALCA - Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, and, Oklahoma. As such, individuals who may benefit are identified through connection with an NMSS Navigator. 

Professional Referrals

Our Care Managers can make referrals to other professionals in the community for needed supportive services. 

Some of our referrals may include: realtors, physician, elder care lawyers, financial planners, trust officers, etc.