Most families whether local or long-distance, when faced with challenging care issues, do not know where or who to turn to for the best information possible.  There are many decisions that you, your family, and your parent need to make. It's hard to know where to start, and fortunately you're not alone.  During our comprehensive consultation, we will determine which of these services you need, and if there are other needs you have that we can fulfill. Caring for an older loved one can be emotionally, physically, and financially overwhelming if you don't have the needed support services. Elite Concierge Care highly-trained team of professionals provide uncommon attention to detail with focus on everyday quality of life. It's an important decision to bring assistance into your home or the home of a loved one.  

The benefits:  Less time away from work* No longer have to "manage" * Fewer emergencies* Fewer hospitalizations* Regular status communication* Improved relationships within family* Reduced Stress* Less isolation* Increased safety*Peace of Mind ~ Priceless!

Concierge Companion ~ Essentials

Are you worried about the well-being of your loved one while you are away for the day? Maybe you don't need daily in-home senior care but want to know they are safe and healthy.  Elite Concierge Care offers well senior visits to ensure that your loved one is doing well and that everything is as it should be.  Living at a distance from a loved one who needs home care can become very challenging, so let our family check-in on yours and we will become "like one of the family".  Elite Concierge Care offers a highly personalized, one-to-one elder boutique care for our care management families that contributes to the well-being of aging adults. Our flexible care solutions are available to assist you with planning and coordinating your services, maximizing your assets, and ensuring your care needs.  

Concierge Companion ~ Essentials is for individuals that do not need hands-on assistance, but would like a trusted friend to assist with routine chores that have become more challenging. All required hands-on assistance will be completed by facility staff. 

Daytime Concierge Companion: 

Private Residence| Assisted Living Communities| Nursing Facilities:

Overnight Concierge Companion:  

Private Residence| Hospital| Assisted Living Communities| Nursing Facilities:

Concierge Companion ~ Essentials: 

  • Dedicated Concierge Companion
  • Caring and consistent Companionship 
  • Friendly and trusted Conversation
  • Ensure safety| bedside comfort
  • Engaged| enjoyable socialization
  • Mental stimulation activities
  • Discuss current| historical events
  • Bring in newspaper| mail correspondence
  • Menu planning| grocery list  
  • Share meals| snack preparation
  • Reading| Board Games| Crafts
  • Stand-by walking assistance 
  • Watering plants and garden
  • Pre-filled Medication monitoring 
  • Care needs evaluation
  • Family Status Reports


Concierge Companion ~ Signature


Change is challenging for everyone, but especially for seniors, so why let the 

special loved one in your life deal with the added stress of a rotating stream 

of faces, personalities, home maintenance tasks, and personal concerns?

Concierge Companions ~ Essentials Service with the following management services to provide full-service lifestyle support to assist our seniors to enjoy and live their life. A dedicated personal concierge will ensure a trusted, professionally - appropriate relationship rather than finding themselves challenged by the need to manage it. Our Concierge Companions receive ongoing training in American Heart Association CPR, and Certified Dementia Education.

Concierge Companion ~ Signature:  

includes Concierge Companion ~ Essentials plus:

Household Management 

  • drop- off| pick- up| delivery services
  • pharmacy| postal mail service| UPS
  • dry cleaning| laundry service| linen change
  • meal planning| prepare grocery lists
  • grocery shopping| meal delivery
  • meal preparation| cleanup
  • Clean kitchen counters| dishware
  • Refrigerator clean out| organize
  • Garbage take-out
  • personal shopping| gift shopping
  • liaise full home cleaning| grounds keeping
  • liaise home maintenance| improvements

Calendar Management

  • provider appointment scheduling
  • provider appointment confirmation
  • provider appointment reminders
  • transportation service scheduling

Bill Pay| Paper Management

  • Mail management| organization
  • Monthly banking| bill payments
  • Balance checkbook ledgers
  • complete home insurance claims 
  • Manage household maintenance

Social Engagement Management

  • assist mail correspondence
  • arrange salon| nail services
  • social clubs| lunch| dinner dates
  • museums| art shows| concerts
  • theatre| worship services

Specialty |Certified Care Management

  • Dementia Care
  • Alzheimer's Care
  • Multiple Sclerosis Care