Elite Wellness Program

It's never too early to start building the infrastructure to aging well-one that 

maintains independence and gives you and your loved ones Peace of Mind. 

Elite Concierge Care's Wellness Plan, is a unique program for aging adults 

who want to plan for potential future care needs.  Our Care Managers will assist 

the Adult Children of the older adults to create a safety net and support system 

centered on proactive planning and preventive measures.  Many older adults 

have a limited support network or do not want to burden family and friends 

with their care.  

Some families may not presently need routine care and assistance, but want 

the assurance that we'll be available the same day, within reason for urgent 

matters.  Alternatively, our Elite Wellness Plan may be the perfect level of 

support for those just staring out on their journey to aging well. Our local or 

caring at a distance families can take control of their future and know they 

will have an expert Care Manager at their side in the event of a change in 

health status. Have your care team with a plan in place, "just in case"! 

Elite Wellness Member Benefits:

  • Complimentary Care Session
  • Dedicated Nurse Care Manager 
  • Care Manager Direct Accessibility
  • On-Call| Stand-by Availability Status
  • Care Manager Assurance Calls
  • Emotional Support| Guidance
  • Evaluation of Essential Care Needs
  • Access Concierge Companion
  • Access Concierge Care Management
  • Annual Comprehensive Care Assessment

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