How to Get Started


  • Complimentary Care Session:  Our Gift to You!

Every client relationship begins with a Complimentary Care Session to review 

your challenges and needs. A limited Assessment of basic contact information, circumstances, and background will be noted. One can expect professional assistance in clarifying your care needs and goals. Upon the completion of your screening and care allowance provided, you will have a thorough sense of how we can further assist you. 


We will offer you the opportunity to enroll in our services and become one of our "extended" families.  You may call our office to speak with one of our experienced Care Manager Consultants to offer you a seamless customer service experience at 318.626.5036 or submit your request online for review. 

When you partner with our team of professionals at Elite concierge Care we will:

  • Schedule an In-Office or Virtual Consultation:  This will allow the Care Managers to identify and understand the unique issues, both current and potential, that impact health and well-being of you or your loved one's needs. An appointment will be reserved for an in-home comprehensive assessment visit.

  • Schedule your follow-up appointment:  to review the completed Care Assessment along with recommendations, suggested priorities, and proposed solutions. Community Resource Referrals are included for review and to enhance the overall care of your loved one. Applicable fees for these services apply at the time of scheduled appointment.

  • Professional Care Planning and Coordination:  We begin the implementation planning for you during the complimentary care session.  Provision of services will begin within a few days, or the specified date noted to the signed Family Service Agreement.  All documents and deposits will be completed and processed prior to any services beginning. All services are paid in full at the time of service or you may elect to have an automatic payment option.

Comprehensive Consultation

  • In-Office| Virtual Comprehensive Consultation
  • In-Home Comprehensive Assessment 
  • Plan of Care| Coordination of Services
  • Level of Care Recommendations
  • Community Resources
  • Referral Network