Who We Are

Elite Concierge Care, LLC based in Shreveport, LA. is a full-service - Professional senior concierge, independently owned and nurse operated.  Our company specializes in providing professional care management and lifestyle support services with focus on expert sponsorship for long-distance caregivers. 

Our unique service offerings are personalized care solutions for the Adult Children of aging Parents, and individuals who demand a high-touch, concierge level of support to promote independence aging, and deliver the care needs of everyday life. No request is too large for our staff to address or too small for you to mention.  

Our Mission:  

"To ensure the best quality of life for older adults and their families by providing expert guidance, oversight, and advocacy."

Our Founders:  

As family caregivers and founders of Elite Concierge Care, the mission was two-fold: to provide the highest level of care to seniors and their families while providing our team the support and balance that allow the delivery of unparalleled levels of care envisioned. With greater than twenty-years of industry experience in Geriatric Care, we are natural advocates for our patients, friends, and family. Our passion and empathy for serving seniors and an understanding of the challenges caregivers face in meeting their needs have intrinsically paved the way for our purpose in helping families and their aging loved ones.  What could we do to make a difference?  We saw a demand from individuals to provide support and exceptional services to seniors and the Adult Children when work, family commitments or living in a different city present challenges to maintain consistent support as needs change.  We believe in empowering our clients and their family through education to make informed decisions about their care that is delivered in clear, understandable language and with knowledge of how the health care system works.  Our professional backgrounds has allowed for diverse clinical experience settings. Meanwhile, serving in executive level Managed Care positions in Long Term Care Facilities, we are well acquainted in the challenges that may accompany a person with limited abilities.  With a heart of compassion, and the desire for everyone to experience optimal care while providing families with solutions to life's unexpected situations, was the inception of Elite Concierge Care, LLC.

Our Values:  

The trustworthy experience, knowledge and dedication to health care can be an important asset to help meet your family's specific needs.  We are committed to building trusting relationships on our company's foundation: Compassion with a relentless spirit and enthusiasm, whose greatest desire is to serve.  To our past and future families, we have and will continue to strive to exceed the expectations off our team with excellence in service.  In the memories and honor of our virtuous mothers: Mrs. Eula M. Prater Johnson and Mrs. Lillian O. Longs Williams, their legacy that continues through our services provided to you and your loved ones.

We want to personally thank you for visiting with us, should you have any questions about our services please call our office and let our team of professionals explain further how we can assist you with your individual needs. Everyday we look forward to the obstacles and care challenges as they reward us the opportunity to assist families with creative problem solving solutions more than ever.  Our family awaits the opportunity to exhibit the same respect and unwavering customer service while providing the care you want and deserve.  This is who we are, your Professional Partners in Care.

Warmest Regards,

The Elite Concierge Care Family